ESDT design and supply a complete range of spray drying solutions to clients across the globe.

The ESDT spray dryer portfolio is based around our tried and tested ‘tall form’ spray dryer design with high pressure spray nozzle technology.
This type of dryer can be supplied with or without a fines extraction bustle and in numerous design / process arrangements dependent upon the material to be dried.
Although the tall form spray dryer design is probably the most versatile configuration on the market, ESDT are also able to offer any type of spray dryer design to suit client’s specific needs.
Further drier types available include multi-stage and wide body units with either high pressure spray nozzles or rotary atomisation.
Our dryers come in all configurations and sizes to provide the best solutions for your production needs, be it plug flow, co-current, counter-current, mixed flow etc.
ESDT has a perfect product to satisfy your exact requirements.
ESDT spray dryers boast high thermal efficiencies and low radiation losses, reducing the need for insulation.
Minimum powder contact time with hot process air reduces thermal degradation
and provides better retention of flavour and colour to produce a higher quality of finished powder.