ESDT have the knowledge and experience to meet the demanding standards of hygeine, quality and performance required by the global dairy powder processing industry.


We can supply spray drying plants to produce whole and skimmed milk, buttermilk, whey, sweet whey, acid whey and whey permeate etc.
We have in depth experience of all milk types including cow, goat, sheep, camel for example.
ESDT understand dairy spray drying and can provide systems for single products or multiple products depending on client requirements.
Typically, we design most solutions around the trusted ESDT tall form bustle dryer.
However, we can also offer wide body multi stage spray dryer designs if required.
We have traditionally installed dairy plants in Europe and the USA, however, more recently we have delivered successful dairy projects in Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.
ESDT offer various additional equipment to support complete dairy powder processing plants such as CIP ready bag filters, integral fluid beds, external fluid beds, evaporators and CIP plants.
ESDT are the perfect partner for your powder production needs.

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