Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey Solutions

European SprayDry Technologies, building on market experience has drawn its project teams, design engineers, associates and consultants from a diverse range of industrial backgrounds allowing the company to offer a complete turnkey service from feasibility study to commissioning.

Catering for a selection of customers our teams can remove much of the strain and cost of hiring the services of numerous specialist companies and consultants by providing a one stop solution for full management of your project that would include design, specification, planning, manufacture and the installation of complete Process lines including buildings and services, turning over the plant to the customer upon commissioning.   

Building designs for Spray dryers and evaporators require special consideration requiring a balance between the economic use of space, air flow through the building, access and practicality. Other factors requiring careful consideration when designing the building can include the environmental blending of the building to the surrounding area, specific factors to materials to be manufactured, which can range from industrial use powders to pharmaceutical each requiring special examination as regards internal finish of walls and floors, decking, internal piping and conduits to name a few.


Although the drying process is often seen as a one stop production plant with feed entering the front end and powder removed from back end, this is not always the case. There are many production processes where the drying system is the middle of a complex manufacturing process line. 

European SprayDry Technologies are very active in the design of many such complex processes a typical example of such can be seen in the manufacture of instant coffee but can equally apply to milk production, many chemicals and pharmaceutical products. In this process beans enter the facility and are cleaned and blended then roasted and ground.

The grindings then pass into extraction plant prior to entering into the evaporation process and dryer. Once the powder has been produced it is passed to an agglomeration tower where the large granulations are formed. Once in agglomerated form the material is stored in silos and packed.

Both wet liquid handling and powder handling systems are designed in house for both pre treatment processes and well as those supporting the production of dry powders. Liquid systems can be designed for both sanitary and non sanitary, applications of sanitary systems installed are compliant with the demands of USDA and 3A. In many applications tanks and vessels have been designed in house to suit special requirements of our customers.

Similarly much of the dry powder handling systems are designed in house and much of the equipment manufactured by European SprayDry Technologies or supplied by one of our partners. Dust control is essential to all powder processes and we supply a complete range of cyclones for including very high efficiency cyclones for both our own drying plant and as replacement parts for retro fitting on existing units often being less expensive and more efficient than older replacement designs.

Cyclones are also designed for other processes where duct extraction is important prior to discharging air to atmosphere. All of cyclones can be produced in a number of materials and in high of low efficiency variants. Where the elimination of all powder to atmosphere is important we design and manufacture both tower and venture scrubbing systems.

Where high efficiency of duct collection is required and cyclones are undesirable we have in our product range bag filters compliant with all EEC and US atmospheric discharge regulation.

Other equipment commonly used in our dry material handling designs include silos, pneumatic lean phase conveying and storage systems manufactures by ourselves, while dense phase, rotary valves and packaging equipment are supplied by partners.

Full site services can be provided in most locations from concept surveying, installation, pant, utility pipe work, electrical install and commissioning. All process plant customers of European SprayDry Technologies are provided with full support drawings including process flow, P&ID, floor plant and plant layouts, manuals and support documentation.   

For more information on any plant or services we provide use the contact box facility on this web site or telephone for details.