We realise that some customers need more than just a drying plant supplier and that sometimes new products need to undergo trials and development prior to bringing them to market. Located within our Harlow Head Quarters at European SprayDry Technologies is a substantial facility for the development and testing of customers products which is an essential part of our growing business.

The facility houses a range of spray drying plant from 500 grams/hr to 500kg/hr allowing simple drying testing to full production evaluation. Each Spray Drying plant is located in its own room eliminating cross contamination problems. The testing facility also includes both static and continuous fluid bed plants. The continuous Fluid Bed is complete with agglomerating, drying and cooling sections. For simple tests the fluid bed area also houses a static test beds.

Product testing and sample production are charged to customers but charges are refunded to customers proceeding to purchase our process plant. Product development, test production runs and toll drying are charged at a rate available upon request, prices vary dependent upon product, application and individual cleaning requirements. The product test area is staffed by qualified operators and fully supported by engineers, designers and chemists as required.

European Spraydry Technologies have field and service engineers on call for emergency breakdown and repair cover. Additional support is available for installation, modification and dismantling of plants and moving to new locations for rebuilds.


Additional to the testing and development of dry materials new equipment development and testing is undertaken within our works located in Harlow, United Kingdom. The Harlow site is equipped with on site machine shop and fabrication facilities to support the necessary development functions of ESDT.

All our control systems are designed, developed and manufactured in house by highly qualified staff. The control systems on all our plant are personalized to individual drying plant designed with the customer to satisfy individual needs and requirements. Control systems for drying plant can be manufactured in hard wire or PLC systems. PLC control systems can be based on several software packages to be compliant with existing customer preferences.

Ease of use and functionality are two characteristics common across the range of our PLC control systems and regardless of size of plant with full data logging. Remote options are available to allow fast fault diagnosis and repair this option being especially useful in remote locations.

To support customers new to Spray Drying, Fluid beds or other equipment within the European SprayDry Technologies range we offer full operator training in support of our commissioning activities. Facilities for operator training are open to customers purchasing used plant from other manufacturers of spray dryer and fluid bed products.