Marquez Brothers Int. – Spray Dryer Project

Marquez Brothers, USA – Spray Dryer Project
Marquez manufacturers of fine Mexican cheeses required a method of economically disposing of whey. They opted to produce high grade WPC 80 using membrane technology and Spray Drying.

The site for the project was directly opposite their Handford factory in California, USA. SPL – Stoelting were awarded the order for the spray dryer from several well known competitors. The main advantages of the SPL system was the strength of the chamber and the low temperature drying process ensuring the highest grade of powder. 

The site for the new building (opposite) was prepared for the start of building construction in March 2004. For the project an entire section of road had to be closed and buildings demolished. Total manufacture time was four months. Over forty four tons of stainless steel was used in the manufacture of the plant.


The plant was designed at the Spray Processes HQ in Bedford, United Kingdom and manufactured at the 35 acre Stoelting site in Kiel, Wisconsin, USA. Due to the shear size of the chamber, it had to be fabricated in sections, test fitted then shipped for final site fabrication.

The Stoelting work shops are designed for such high quality manufacturing with an onsite design team for backup. Stoelting produce fabrications to satisfy both 3A and FDA.


The chamber and cone sections completed manufacture on site. Size restrictions on transport dictated the cone be split into five sections for delivery. It was then welded, polished and lifted into its final position. The chamber section was then lowered and welded to the cone.


The Marquez spray drying tower is the tallest building in Handford. Shots of the system on the right show the top section of the drying chamber including atomiser access platforms and nozzle wash station.

Powder discharges from the spray drying chamber into a vibratory fluid bed where product is exposed to secondary drying and cooling. The dryer is operated from a 3D graphic display, Stoelting designed PLC.


The new control system was designed by Mr Brian Schmitz of Stoelting. 

Software is from Alan Bradley operating with wonderware. 3D graphics makes of the control system makes the plant extremely easy to operate.