Organic Flavour Spray Dryer

European SprayDry Technologies commissions its latest spray dryer for organic flavour manufacturing in Spain.

The plant, a tall form spray dryer with nozzle atomiser and secondary cooling is producing a range of spray dried encapsulated flavours and fruit juices.

The order was awarded to European SprayDry Technologies in the face of stiff competition from other European manufacturers. Plant versatility and uncomplicated operation were key factors in the sale.

The plant was a bespoke dryer, designed specifically to meet the specifications of customer and prevailing climatic conditions, dictating special consideration for some products.

Spray Dryer for FlavoursThe plants, a model 6 – 12 flavour dryer, featured direct gas firing heating, pressure nozzle atomisation, cyclone separation and a vibratory powder cooler on the powder discharge.

A standard feature common to all ESDT flavour dryers is the high sanitary filtration system which incorporates HEPA filtering of all non heated process air.

Pressure nozzle atomisation was chosen due to its high versatility in flavour production giving greater control over the bulk density and other particle properties, as well as very good performance in colour retention.

This spray dryer represents the latest in a long line of flavour dryers designed by European SprayDry Technologies, satisfying a growing market.