Spray Drying

Spray Drying is still the most economical method of evaporation to reduce a liquid feed to solid powder particles. Powder remaining one of the most versatile methods of preservation and cost effective in both storage and transportation of finished goods.

Spray drying is used in all areas of industry, many products requiring specialist designs and finishes to maximise the efficiency or sanitary needs of that particular process.


European SprayDry Technologies has developed a wide range of spray dryer chambers to suit the widest range of materials.

Our scope of plant ranges from 500g/hr laboratory models to full scale high volume production models in excess of 10,000kg/hr and can meet any required industrial manufacturing specification.


Whatever the size of plant or specification all our plant are designed for higher strength standards than many spray dryer manufacturers being fabricated from thick gauge steel and designed along pressure vessel codes and offering a much higher degree of explosion retention ability.

Inherently safe, production spray dryers come fitted with steam suppression systems that dramatically reduce distortion problems caused by fire. If there is insufficient steam water systems can be offered.


Likewise in the event of an explosion production chambers are fitted with venting or suppression systems minimising the danger to personnel. C02 detection systems are additionally offered on equipment for early identification of fire risk. 

For environment protection not only are our machines supplied with very high efficiency separation and collection equipment but low Nox technology is offered on all equipment if required.

On many systems stack monitors are located onto the spray dryers exhaust to warn of accidental discharge to atmosphere of product.


Over many years food and dairy dryers have been plagued by outbreaks of bacteria infestations from damaged or unsealed insulation.

European SprayDry Technologies do not insulate their chambers thus removing the threat of infestation and due to the designs high thermal efficiency and low radiation losses little difference will be experienced in energy efficiency in comparison to an insulated chamber


A major benefit to customers are the economical features of our spray drying equipment, all our designs have a low floor space requirement and their slim design allows in most locations the manufacturing of cambers up to as much as 1,000kg/hr of powder production to be manufactured in a work shop and delivered to site by road transport drastically reducing the on site time.


Similarly all our plant and equipment is manufactured from standard parts, in most location components can be purchased locally or regionally without the wait for special parts from a European location drastically reducing down time.

Due to this policy mechanical maintenance of even the most sophisticated plant is straight forward making it one of the most economic spray dryers on the market to maintain.

Spray Drying Chamber Design

The Tall Form Bustle Chamber

Counter-Current Flow Chamber

Mixed Flow Chamber

Disc Atomiser Chamber

Plug Flow Chamber

Co-Current Flow Chamber