Replacement Cyclones

Replacement Cyclones

Cyclones are frequently the most abused part of any spray dryer plant receiving the constant attention of the operators as they vent their frustrations on an unprotected plant. The serious side of battered cyclone syndrome is that progressive beating will often result in a loss of efficiency equalling reduced profitability.

European SprayDry Technologies are experts in the design of spray dryer and powder cyclones having nearly 40 years experience in their development and employment in many environments for thousands of different materials.

Our cyclones are amongst the most efficient within the spray drying industry and are proven technology.

We can replace your battered cyclones with new high efficiency cyclones or reproduce if necessary to your original specification.

Our replacement cyclones are often manufactured from thicker gauge materials than original units allowing for a greater degree of protection. Added features such as disentrainment hoppers can be supplied to aid the particle cut and if required fitted with impact hammers for the dislodgment of powders without the need for the operator intervention. Accessible explosion protection can be incorporated for safety protection and for processes requiring frequent cleaning and fast turnaround units can be fitted with retractable CIP nozzles.

As well as replacement cyclones we can also supply:

  • Nozzle Replacement Parts
  • Fans & Blowers
  • High Pressure Pumps
  • Heating Systems for Gas, Indirect Steam or Thermal Oil
  • Replacement Cyclones & Bag filters
  • Ducting
  • Steel work and Supporting Structures

If you have a requirement, please ask us for a solution.

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