Flexible Joints

Flexible Joints

Supplied in Silicon, Polyurethane or Kevlar Sleeves, custom manufactured and suitable for most drying applications.

Silicon has outstanding resistance to temperature and vibration damping. Temperature range is -87° C to +230° C.

Clear Polyurethane is suitable for lower temperature applications with a working temperature range between -40° C to

80° C.

Good flexible properties highly practical for anti vibration duties on fluid beds and sieves.

Kevlar connectors have a higher strength properties and can be used with temperatures up to 250° C. Can be used for critical joints such as between dryer and fluid bed where explosion hazard can be a threat but may need to be used in conjunction with deflectors for safe working.

As well as flexible joints we can also supply:

• Nozzle Replacement Parts

• Fans & Blowers

• High Pressure Pumps

• Heating Systems for Gas, Indirect Steam or Thermal Oil

• Replacement Cyclones & Bag filters

• Ducting

• Steel work and Supporting Structures

If you have a requirement, please ask us for a solution.

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