Flexible Atomiser Joints

Flexible Atomiser Joints

Sanitary flexible hose specifically selected for use with high pressure nozzle atomiser systems. Stainless steel braided with PTFE core and sanitary silicon outer easy clean external shield.

Flexible hose come in 1/4, 3/8 &1/2 bore sizes and capable of operating up to 2500psi and temperatures up to 90oC. Can be supplied to any stipulated length.

As well as flexible atomiser joints we can also supply:

• Nozzle Replacement Parts

• Fans & Blowers

• High Pressure Pumps

• Heating Systems for Gas, Indirect Steam or Thermal Oil

• Replacement Cyclones & Bag filters

• Ducting

• Steel work and Supporting Structures

If you have a requirement, please ask us for a solution.

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