Fire Detection

Fire Detection

Fire is a common and ever present danger for spray drying operations and even when not causing serious danger can lead to spoiling of product. To restrict the damage to both product and property European Spray Dryers has developed a cost effective monitoring systems for retro fitment to any spray dryer system.

Using the latest technology the system is compact and easy to operate monitoring both the air intake and exhaust gasses allowing early identification and warning of Carbon Monoxide generation above ambient levels.

CO monitor is a complete system, compact contained with a panel with displays and alarms, feedback can be sent to PLC control system.


Range: 0 – 10 ppm

Minimum detection 0.5ppm

Output: 4 -20mA DC two outputs;

Output 1 for trip amplifier

Output 2 to local display readout.

Alarm contacts: x 2 SPCO volt free contacts

Voltage: 240 Volts AC

Lower detectable limit: 0.5 ppm

Repeatability: ±1.0% of F.S.

Linearity: ±1.0% of F.S.

Zero drift: <LDL/day at lowest range

<0.2 ppm/week at lowest range

<LDL/day at lowest range ±1.0% F.S./week

Response time (T90): Within 50 sec at lowest range

Sample gas flow rate: Approx. 1.5L/min

Indication: Measured value, range, alarm, maintenance screen.

On-screen language: English,

Services Required: 230v AC single phase per cabinet

As well as fire detection systems we can also supply:

• Nozzle Replacement Parts

• Fans & Blowers

• High Pressure Pumps

• Heating Systems for Gas, Indirect Steam or Thermal Oil

• Replacement Cyclones & Bag filters

• Ducting

• Steel work and Supporting Structures

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