Electrical Control Systems

Electrical Control Systems

New or replacement control systems for spray dryers and general process plant. The systems can be supplied in either panel or PLC variants and to the latest specifications using up to date technology ensuring that you remain in control of your operation.

Instrumentation can be supplied from a wide variety of manufacturers to suit your standard requirements. All panels are designed and manufactured in house as is the writing of PLC software allowing us to offer a complete bespoke and confidential service.

A range of cost effective high quality field instruments are also available as follows:

• PT 100 temperature probes in both sanitary and Standard sanitary versions

• Type K Thermo Couples in both sanitary and Standard sanitary versions.

• Differential Pressure Gauges.

• Pressure transducers.

• Pressure Gauges.

• Flow Switches.

• Limit Switches.

• PID Controllers

• Indicators

As well as electrical control systems we can also supply:

• Nozzle Replacement Parts

• Fans & Blowers

• High Pressure Pumps

• Heating Systems for Gas, Indirect Steam or Thermal Oil

• Replacement Cyclones & Bag filters

• Ducting

• Steel work and Supporting Structures

If you have a requirement, please ask us for a solution.

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