Evaporators from European Spraydry Technologies

Our Falling Film evaporators are supplied to the food, dairy and chemical industries and are all custom designed to our customer’s specifications.

The Evaporators are manufactured in both 304 or 316 stainless steel with options for either mechanical or Thermal Vapour recompression.

Falling film evaporators can be single or multi stage and used within a process as a standalone evaporator concentrating liquids for transportation or onward processing or working in unison with our spray drying systems for high volume powder products.

Evaporator Part

The evaporators are self contained units coming with supporting steel options, feed tanks and CIP capable.

The evaporators can be controlled by either PLC or hard wire panels dependent upon preference. All control systems are designed and manufactured in house.

In addition to standard falling film evaporators, European Spray Dry Technologies can offer with our Partners Acqua International Group the advanced Cyclonic Evaporator.

The Cyclonic Evaporator has a unique and patented distribution system allowing continuous operation almost twice as long between cleaning operations over standard evaporators (tested on whey concentrate running for 56 hours between cleaning without significant pathogen build up).

The Cyclonic Evaporator operates on greatly enhanced heat transfer coefficients and the ability to handle viscous and scaling materials without the premature loss of performance the cause of high energy usage in standard evaporator designs.

Due to the extended running between cleaning, the evaporator uses less cleaning chemicals and produces less waste water than the traditional design.

Due to the unique design the height and footprint of the Cyclonic evaporator is reduced over the traditional deign and offers low maintenance costs.

Cyclonic Falling Film Evaporator with its unique distribution system, giving the design tremendous advantages over conventional designs in power, running costs and footprint.

European Spraydry Technologies often have a selection of used evaporators are available which we can fully recondition and offer with full guarantee. Sizes subject to availability.